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Get Safe Online – One Year Anniversary

The birth of my blog sees the second year and launch day of the get safe online campaign. Today a team of people from the Edelman London corporate team helped run the second annual event. I won’t normally blog about campaigns we are running – unless I feel they are relevant or informative. However, this campaign is just that. Getsafeonline has a strong and important message to spread to consumers and small businesses.

About the campaign

The Get Safe Online campaign is the UK’s first national internet security awareness campaign. A joint initiative between the government, the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) and private sector sponsors from the worlds of technology, retail and finance, the campaign continue to raise awareness, primarily through the campaign website or

About today’s event

The event was well-attended with representatives from across the private and public sector.

Cabinet Office MP, Pat McFadden, addressed today’s summit and asked industry, government and public sector to help address the public’s raising concerns over internet crime.

A new report from the campaign shows that 21% of people in the UK think e-crime is the type of crime they are most likely to encounter, up from 17% last year, and they fear it more than mugging, car theft and burglary. The new research from suggests growing fear of internet crime is deterring the public from using the internet for everyday activities. Nearly a quarter (24%) are too concerned to bank online, nearly a fifth (18%) won’t shop online and one in six (17%) are so concerned they have been put off logging on all together.

Finally, my congratulations again to the whole getsafeonline team for winning one of this year’s Clarion Awards for last year’s getsafeonline launch. The award was for the advancement of CSR campaigning in the ‘Strategic Communications’ category.

I was able to interview a number of the key figures at the event, including Cabinet Office MP, Pat McFadden.

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